Dipole Controller

The Scorpion Antennas controller provides a convenient way to manually operate all Scorpion Antenna models including the Scorpion Home Package and Scorpion Rotatable Dipoles. The built in display indicates the antenna position, and for dipoles the positions of both the left and right legs.

The controller features:

  • Eight user programmable memory presets (in two banks holding four presets each)
  • Manual up/down buttons for both left and right legs of dipoles
  • Ability to “jog/shuttle” dipole legs in the same or opposite directions
  • Two “Both” buttons that simultaneously lengthen or shorten the legs of rotatable dipoles
  • Automatic retract button to fully bottom the antenna and zero the counters with one touch
  • Real-time antenna stall current and running current diagnostic display
  • Real-time antenna tach-pulse diagnostic display
  • The controller is powered from a user supplied 12 volt source

The Dipole Controller manual is available on our Documentation page.

Price: $350
Shipping: $18 USPS US Shipping