Welcome to StepperTune

StepperTune is a way to control an Antenna Tuner remotely via a single Cat 5 cable using two Stepper Motors.

The front panel of a StepperTune unit.

StepperTune Features

  • Designed to control two stepper motors for controlling a remotely located antenna tuner.
  • May remotely control tuning capacitor for magnetic loop.
  • Control cable may be a Cat 5 cable up to 200 feet while using a 12 volt power supply.
  • Cable lengths greater than 200 feet may be realized using a supply voltage up to 24 volts DC.
  • Eight memory locations for both steppers.
  • Auto band memories for auto-band change from Icom transceivers (other transceivers may be implemented with a band decoder module upon request).
  • Automatic antenna tuning capable with external specified directional coupler connected.
  • Stepper motor current control and stepper motor current displayed. Capable of up to 2.5 amps of stepper drive current.
  • Stepper over-current/over temp shutdown protection.
  • “Jog mode” to easily fine tune either stepper motor.
  • Stepper motor speed easily programmed.

Ports of the reverse side of a StepperTune unit.

A StepperTune unit with two motors attached.


The following is a demonstration of StepperTune in action.


StepperTune in the Field

Ron Douglass’ (NI7J of Scorpion Antennas) tuner.

New ATU on Acrylic.

Ron Douglass-NI7J of Scorpion Antennas.

K7EMF Ranch- ATU.

Ron Douglass’ (NI7J of Scorpion Antennas) tuner with the tower in the background.

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